Saturday, November 04, 2006

Colors, Colors, and more colors

I have been thinking aobut colors for quite a while now. I have looked in magazines, at the stores, and even done virtual painting. It is so a good way. I have basic colors I like, but coordinating them is the hard part. Brian says they mostly look the same to him and Tayler thinks it is odd that I would even want to paint most rooms in the house. Oh boys! Where are the girls when you need them! Any ideas from the ladies out there? Feel free to comment. I am in need of help!


Chris & Jen said...

i love colors on the walls. it brings such character & personality to a home. i personally love the chocolates, blues, and red. color color color!!

Anonymous said...

get the colors you most like together and then a color wheel, it will show you which colors compliment one another.