Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Flooring and Plumbing

Well these pics are about as exciting as the title of this post. However, we are a few steps closer as the floors are in and the plumbing is completed.We are planning on putting new fixtures on the sinks but are choosing to do it ourselves to save on the cost. We also hope to eventually put hardwood in the formal living room and kitchen. All in time..... we tell ourselves. but, it will be fun to have these projects to do. It will be gratifying to save up for them, complete them one step at a time and see the results. Thanks for checking out the pics. I think next week is carpet? (not sure) FYI-Our walk through is 11/21/06 and our closing date is 11/27/06. Hope to have you over soon!


Chris & Jen said...

hey-looks nice. email me your address b/c I have a holiday catalog to mail you today:) i lost your email.

Rachel said...

I'm excited for yall!! Cant wait to see it in person!