Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Shutters, a Designer, and 3 years in Indiana today!

Tonight we went to our home (on our 3 year anniversary of being in Indiana) and discovered that they put the shutters on today. They are putting the finishing touches on the house in this last week before the walk through on the 21st. (Feel free to leave a comment as to what to look for or ask during the walk through as we have never done this before)
We also met our friend at the house whom was an interior designer for commercial and residential in his past life:) (he has since moved on to other things). He shared his expertise on color, lighting, and spacial formation. He had a plethora of information for us. I (Karin) was happy to find out that all of my TLC and HGTV watchin', paid off as I pretty much knew what I was talking about. It also paid off to get color schemes and "samples" from many stores as he agreed with paint color choices and accent wall choices. We also discussed landscaping, overall improvements, ways to best accentuate architecture, etc in the home. Of course, all of this will be done over time, but that is part of the fun. We are so grateful to our friend for taking time out of his day to help us youngins' out.......young in these matters anyway:) I will post pics tomorrow of shutters and paint color choices.


Emilie said...

Go through early and make a list...that way you don't forget to bring it up during the actual walk-through. AND ask tons of questions! This is your time and you're paying big money for the home of your dreams! They should be able to explain how and why things are the way they are...especially if they aren't going to fix them and you think it should be. Thanks for coming with me and seeing my soon to be digs!

Anonymous said...

Turn on all the taps and flush and check for leaks.
Make sure you know what all the light switches are for and make sure they work. Consider if a switch turns on a lamp plugged into a wall outlet whether the switch controls BOTH plugs (bad) or just one (good).
Make sure what your warranty is and if you have a year callback-- and if that means you wait a year and then call them or if you can call as you notice.