Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pushed back!

All of our friends whom just recently built homes know this phrase well! We were warned of these words:) We found out that our move in date was pushed back to Wednesday instead of Monday because the loan company was closed this week for Thanksgiving; thus, they are behind on paper work. This isn't really bad news as we weren't planning on moving in until Thursday. But, the problem is that we were going to paint all of next week before moving in....remember the paint color drama and all the time Karin put into picking those colors:) Now, it looks like we will have to paint with everything in there at an unknown time....probably after we get settled. Oh well, we can't really complain b/c we are just so excited about having a home! That is all that really matters. All the rest is just bonus.

On another note, Karin's sister, Melody, is coming into town and we are looking forward to time with her. I will post pics of her visit and our unique, vegetarian Thanksgiving cuisine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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