Saturday, November 11, 2006

Let there be Light!

These are some of what we bought today on our shopping excursion. I am not sure that you can really appreciate the pieces as they are still in the box so you can't get the full effect. But, they are more of a bronzy finish and go well together....anything is better than what we saw in our house yesterday. Let me explain. When we went to the house yesterday, to our horror, the lighting looked like something out of a bad 80's movie.:) So, we decided to look for some better options. We found these today at a good price (on sale) We will take some pics to show you what is currently in the house. I am sure you will agree it needed to go. Now, I am being dramatic in this post and we are just thankful to even have a house, but this was in our budget and goes better with the look in the kitchen. What do you think?

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Emilie said...

yeah the standard lighting options are horrible, at best!! we just went with the standard options, knowing that would be the first things we would change when we moved in! the next two weeks are going to fly by! i can't believe that we close on thursday! i still haven't picked out paint colors though! i need help!