Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Who knew I could fall in love with plastic?

I had a feeling I would fall in love with these we only call them tubs in the South?:) My friend, Emilie, let us borrow some plastic tubs ( I mean....containers) to pack our things in. Oh are these better than boxes! I got so motivated and packed like a mad woman............and the weird thing is, it didn't take that long....sure I am not finished yet, but I got a lot done. I highly recommend purchasing some if or when a move is in your future. It is amazing how much bigger this townhouse appears when you de-clutter. It is like I can breathe in here now:) Okay, so I feel a lot better now about making Thanksgiving dinner here tomorrow. Emilie you are the BESTEST!

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emilie123 said...

I have some more tub love for you! My garage is almost empty! :) God knew what he was doing having us move at almost the same time!