Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to my wife...

In honor of Karin's 30th birthday- here are thirty things I LOVE about her:
1. Her passion for God and desire to follow His plans
2. Her focus and determination
3. She makes people comfortable
4. She supports me with words and actions
5. She is encouraging
6. She inspires lots of people
7. She has a strong prayer life
8. She allows me to have a Star Wars room and doesn't get embarrassed when I talk about Star Wars endlessly
9. She loves to learn
10. She speaks her mind (see the post two down from this one!)
11. She loves all different cultures
12. She has a passion for mission work
13. She has overcome a lot of hardships
14. She embraces people from all backgrounds
15. She is willing to step out on faith
16. She likes being fashionable
17. She loves her children
18. She is high maintenance but thinks she's low maintenance
19. She loves her family
20. She has a lot of wisdom
21. She pushes me to grow in my faith
22. She supports my education endeavors
23. She's always willing to meet new people
24. She loves the Church
25. She is a great listener
26. She's my smokin' hot wife
27. She tries to be interested in sports
28. She trusts me and believes in my leadership
29. She is not satisfied with mediocrity
30. She said "i do".


indyhumes said...

Is he not the best husband or what? I love you babe!-Karin

emilie123 said...

You are smokin' hot! :) hahaha! I hope you had a fabulous birthday! Love you girl!

aryn said...


Hi!! I hope you had an AWESOME 30th Birthday!!! Even though Brian is weird about his Star Wars, he is a sweety!! lol!!! Hope to see you soon!!! Miss you bunches!!

Aimee said...

aawwww, what a cute couple!
So sweet.

Samuel said...

awwwwwwwwwww... Karin that is so nice to have a husband that see all those good qualities in you. You are an amazing girl. You have a great husband :).