Saturday, June 02, 2007

Surprise Party!!

30 never felt so GOOD!! Just when I thought it couldn't get better than the post below....Brian threw me a surprise party! I was completely surprised! We had soccer tournaments all day, so today was the last day I would've suspected. I went to Starbucks with one of my bestest, Christy and she totally had me convinced. After spending some time together, her hubby called to say her son was sick. She was so convincing, we left in a dash to get home.

She even had me thinking I might catch the bug!! We got home and after a few minutes talking in the car, she pulled out of the driveway to rush home to her little one. I walked in only to find a room full of my lovely friends. Christy, of course, pulled back in and came inside. I came in to find not only a room full of people, but lots of food prepared by these very friends. Each person brought an appetizer and my friend Shirley made lots of vegetarian friendly cuisine and a cake. My friend Christy also prepared a cake with pink icing and mocha filling.....doesn't get much better than pink and mocha!

The house was decorated and I even had a tiera, a sash, and barbie napkins (Thanks Rich!) It was so nice seeing all of my close friends in one room. There were several other friends who couldn't make it and some not pictured that came late....(Griblers, Rutherfords, Weese's, Holly) don't worry I know you love me:) All joking aside, I felt very loved and valued. I have the bestest friends ever (Thanks guys)I have received affirmation from Brian and from my friends, and there is not a better feeling than that!

And Brian, your not too bad either!..and really...your beginning to make other husbands look bad:)


Aimee said...

Hey, that looks like you had a great bday party!! Happy 30th - you still look like 22!!

nancyh said...

How cool was that! And the Barbie crown and sash - priceless. You will never forget how wonderful it was to turn 30.

emilie123 said...

hahaha! you had no idea! looks like you had a great time!

Samuel said...

WOW.. what a party... I can see you had a great time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARIN. You look very pretty in your princes crown.

Jen said...

Happy Birthday! I will be praying for you all and for God's will to be done. Love ya'll!