Saturday, June 09, 2007

Unspoken prayer request

If you are reading this, you may very well know what this prayer request is. If not, please pray all the same. Monday is a BIG day for us. Please pray for God's hand to be with us and HIS will to be accomplished. Also pray that He keeps our hearts in perfect peace. Thank you so much blogger friends!


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian and Karin!

Just wanted to say "hi" and of course, you know we will all be praying for you both Monday!

You are both awesome and God knows your hearts and your obedience to Him! Yours is a family to be modeled after with your commitment to God and His purpose! You both encourage others and lift others, always without waivering!

Here's praying for Peace to surround you both tomorrow!

Love ya!


Vicki said...

Not sure why it has me as "anonymous", oh well!! :)

Love ya,


Aimee said...

Adding my prayers.... = )