Tuesday, January 15, 2008

10 Questions to help you determine your destiny

I was watching Creflo Dollar this morning (he is good, we took our youth in Johnson City to one of his conferences) He had a great message about 10 truths to help you determine your destiny in Christ. I will only share 5 today. I am assuming the other 5 will come on tomorrow.

1) What is the deepest desire of your heart? In Psalms it says God gives us the desires of our hearts, not what we desire, but He plants the desires there. Desire is a God given capacity. AS you delight yourself in the Lord, He will reveal these desires to you. But, you must delight in Him to know. Seperate your fantasies from these desires. God WILL fulfill these desires, b/c after all He gave them to you.

2) What stirs your passions? What gives your the most fire, excitement? (See John 2) For me, I think this is injustice. I am not sure in what capacity. I used to think it was for foster children and it still may be in the future, but injustice for me encompasses a lot...right now it is in the church and around the world.

3) What makes you the most upset? Again, kinda like number 2

4) What flows naturally out of you? If the shoe fits, wear it. Don't do things just to make yourself feel valuable, good, or to impress others. What's easy for you?

5) What produces good results/good fruit? (Matt 12:33 "The tree is known by its fruit") Jesus tells the parable about a man planting a tree. He actually gives a minimum and maximum time of seeing these fruits produced. The man planted the tree for three years. No figs were produced. The man asked Jesus if he could give it one more year to fertilize it and just see what happened. Jesus said one more year then cut it out! The message from this is, the minimum and maximum time of producing fruit from your efforts and what you think you are called to do.

Putting yourself in a race God never signed you up for will stop you from your true destiny. Creflo explained how he was a football player and that was all he wanted to do. He became a Christian, but never planned on going into ministry. One thing lead to another, and if he would've only pursued what he thought was his "calling"...which was pro-football, he would not be making the difference in this world he is today...which is monumental. (see World Changers Church if interested)

I encourage you to explore these questions as I will as well. They aren't easy to answer. I used to think I knew the answers but I need to spend time asking God to give me the desires of my heart. I encourage you to do the same. It may be something totally different than you think or you may be dead on!

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