Monday, January 14, 2008

What I've been up to!

These are some pics of my babysitting the past few weeks. It provides a tiny bit of income but definitely gives me somewhat of my baby fix. It has been fun. I am keeping some kiddos that I kept from infants to they are three (or almost) I am also keeping Mikey's one year old brother. It is fun, challenging, and you must be creative. We have worked on our ABC's (leap frog has the BEST video to learn the sounds....stole that idea from Rachel) Here are some pics of some basic things like eating to playtime with styrophoam blocks (building castles), playing cars, and of course making "sculptures" with playdough. (note to self, do this on the kitchen table not the coffee table with white carpet underneath...although, it luckily all came up and they were very helpful) We also have time to fit in some great bible lessons...there are some great books I read to Tayler that are age appropriate by Carolyn Nystrom, called Children's bible basics. We learned about prayer today. Oh yes, Mikey even helped Tayler cut Cookie's hair...he was so good with him. Enjoy the pics!

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