Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I woke up in a pretty ill mood. Then, all my kiddos were late, so the shower I could've taken, didn't happen. Tayler was going to take the bus, b/c Brian had a sales meeting and I have three kids I am keeping....stressful to load them all in. But, after one arrived, I risked it and took Tayler to school. Luckily, the other two showed up about ten minutes after we got back. Tayler was supposed to be in the shower to catch the bus, yet, I went into his room and he was totally asleep....so that was stressful as we were in a rush. But, again, it all worked out...I just could not fathom sending him outside in the snow with wet hair and no gloves in the dark waiting for a bus. So, after all this, my heart just needs to list a few things I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my husband who always delivers and is a supportive, stable rock. I am thankful for my wonderful son who blesses me everyday (even when he back talks...he did just turn 13) I am thankful for my sisters who are always there for me, listen, and empathize when I need it....even when I am selfish and don't ask about their lives or struggles.... I am thankful that in the midst of all of our financial issues/job changes lately, we have been able to pay our mortgage. I am thankful that God always provides and we aren't starving. I am thankful that God is restoring my spirit even when I have hardened my heart to him and been rebelling for months. I am thankful that He longs to have intimacy with me even though I have abandoned Him and his instruction constantly. I am thankful that NO ONE can condemn us as believers b/c Jesus died for us...for me. (Romans) I am thankful that I have the ability to type and share our lives with others. I am definitely thankful for the job that I was just offered at a great Physician's office that specializes in bariatrics and weight loss. I am just thankful.

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