Wednesday, January 09, 2008


I was watching Joyce this morning (again had time) and she was talking about being offended by trouble....offended with God, people, etc. It was such a good message. She talked about how John went before Christ and was the disciple "Jesus loved." Yet, he was beheaded and Peter who denied Christ was the "rock the church was built on." All throughout the bible the faithful have been through trouble...more than you and I and sometimes it doesn't seem fair or justful. But, there is a reason for it and it is preparation for God's purposes for our lives. WE were all sent here for a reason and have a divine purpose.

When we are in offense, we forget that. I have to admit, I have been like Job's wife to Brian lately. This has probably affected him greatly. I have been angry/offended with God and His people. I have basically told Brian like Job's wife, to forget God and the ministry. Not that Brian isn't also hurt and I don't take full responsibility for where we are at spiritually but I do have to ask for forgiveness for this. I know God can use this for good. I pray that God gets our feet firmly back planted onto His purposes for us in our marriage, ministry, in fact, all areas of our lives.

When we first married, we had a sense of urgency in doing what God had planned for us. I want to be back there. God brought us together for a purpose...we compliment one another and can do wonderful things to help this world....let us Get back to that Lord....yes, we were naive and hurt many times but again this goes back to the message on offense. Wasn't Joseph thrown in a well and sold into slavery by his own family, Job lost everything, David was despised and almost rejected as King, the disciples were tortured and Jesus was beaten and killed...they could've all walked away and been angry/offended. Boy, would they have missed out on the glorious riches God had planned for them. And as Paul said "I count all things as loss to do the will of God" (paraphrased)

Pray for us as we continue to follow and get back to where we are walking in intimacy unoffened and listening to God.....not only listening but TRUSTING. That is just a word that goes much deeper. Trust is the key and no easy task. "Trust and obey for their is NO OTHER WAY in Christ Jesus."

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