Friday, September 19, 2008

Can you say overachiever?

Rachel has always been an overachiever- although she would not say so. This week was no different as she was truly a rock star! She served our family selflessly and I don't know what I would've done without her. She made it possible for me to enjoy each moment with Chase with no worries. She cooked, cleaned, organized, taught me about all things baby, and helped me with any questions. She knew what to do before I even asked. It was great! She decided to paint our guest bathroom on her final day here....note topic Here are a few pics of her stay. There aren't many with her and Chase as she let me enjoy my time with him and really never sat down for even a minute. I did get a lot of pics with Jackson as he was also my helper and treasured his time to Chase. It was a perfect first week home and I couldn't have asked for more. Actually, she did more than I would've even thought to ask for..i.e. like painting the bathroom (lol)! Here's to you, Rachel!

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Anonymous said...

He is so so so precious! I want to see more of him!!!! Call if you ever want/need company. And wow... that was awfully nice of your sister to paint your bathroom! Can she help me with mine? :)