Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Family comes for a visit!

My dad, step mom, and little sister came for a short visit this weekend. They flew in on Saturday and flew out Sunday. It was a good time. They flew in from Atlanta and really loved this area. They made several comments about how peaceful this area is and how it reminded my dad of his childhood hometown. That made us feel good as we felt the same way five years ago as we came in for Brian's interview here....we felt at home.
We watched a lot of football, enjoyed a few meals together, played corn hole-we were all trying to find out if corn was in the little bags and if that is why it is called corn hole-lol (thanks Jene and Chris), and of course enjoyed every minute with Chase. It was great seeing Katie-my little sister. She is so talented and beautiful! Did I mention she received third place in the Ms. America pageant this summer in public speaking? She is one little leader! It amazes me how much Katie and Tayler look alike! They are only three years apart and definitely could pass for brother and sister.
Here are a few pics of the time we spent together.

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