Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Friends come to visit!

We had friends come to visit today. We had a visit from a friend and her daughter that we are in small group with, then some coworkers. I loved getting to see all of them and having them meet Chase. They all loved his milk coma look! (lol) As far as how we are doing, we are fantastic. I am still just in awe and can't take my eyes of of him. He is perfect in every way. Nursing is going really well and hopefully we will know tomorrow if he has gained some weight. I think he has as poops and peeps are adding up in number (tmi) Brian had to go back to work today...which was hard for him. Last night, I mentioned him not getting up to change Chase b/c he had to work, he said "well yes I am still getting up!" He was insistent! He is loving every minute of it...even late night poopy diapers. (lol)Here are some pics of our time with friends and just random pics from Day five...

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