Saturday, September 06, 2008

Think Big!

So here is the 38 week pic (and a few days) Also, in the pic is our new mural wall art "Think Big" This was a gift from a co-worker at my work shower. Today we had a false alarm. I had been contracting all day and decided not to risk it and go in. Well, actually, I called the Dr. and they said not to risk it and come in. Brian, Tay, and I all went in all the while Brian crossing his fingers that this IS NOT the day....budget, budget, budget, lol
We were monitored and were told I was contracting and consistently but not dilating. So, they sent us on our way. We are glad we went b/c we got to see where we would be delivering and even got to meet the head charge nurse who will work with us on Friday. They were really great and the rooms are SO NICE! Other than this, no big news. We put the hardware on the dresser, our house has been detail cleaned (baseboards and all), I enjoyed my day at the Spa, Tay and I enjoyed some time together at Target (timing contractions all the while there), Brian mowed, we are shampooing the carpets tonight, and poor Tayler is sad today wasn't the day despite his efforts to wish it into being.
On another note, it looks like three women did go early today that were scheduled for Friday, so they said they may call us to go early that morning instead of afternoon. I am VERY excited about this possibility as I am not too keen on not eating or drinking until late afternoon! PS You can see my hospital band in the photo..nice keepsake for baby book. They also let us keep my contraction paper to go in the book as well! (lol)


Anonymous said...

So cute! You still look like you're carrying high! How are you feeling? Nauseous from the contractions?

Tara Jin said...

i cannot believe the amount of housework/nesting you've gotten done before baby arrives! Thinking and praying for you!

Anonymous said...

by the way, the new camera is taking great pics! i can tell the difference!

emilie123 said...

9 lbs 3 oz - 20 in. @ 11:11am

Love the "Think Big" next to your lovely belly! I can't believe it's in three days too! Craziness!

emilie123 said...
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