Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chase's first Photography Session!

We had a family photography sesion at our house yesterday...The pics are going to be so adorable..I can't wait to see them. We were amazed at her ability to be a "baby whisperer" and keep him calm, comfortable, and asleep. She did such a good job. ( We felt like rockstars...(lol) Here are some pics from the day. I am also posting some pics from our lazy day today...Dad and Chase watching Colts football and me chillin in the PJ's after a feeding. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

LOL! Okay, how'd you find Julie?? She's one of my good friends from church! She comes to my mom's breakfast on Thursday mornings. How ironic! I'm sure the pics will turn out great :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! It's so evident from all of your great pics that Chase is a wonderful addition to your family. I'm so happy that everything went well and is continuing to do so. Take care of yourself! He is truly a beautiful baby. (And I do love the blonde hair! yes, I am definitely biased about blondes! lol) Kristy

Anonymous said...

The pictures are fabulous. What a beautiful baby boy! He is really gorgeous with all that wonderful hair. You all look so happy! God is truly great and has blessed your family with two special boys to raise as men of God. I see the happiness in your faces and hear it in the posts. Praise be to God from Whom all blessings flow!!
Congratulations!!!!!! Alice