Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy One week old Birthday!

Oh- the title of that post makes me so sad! The week has flown by and I can't believe it has been seven days already. Chase is doing great. He is eating every three hours and sleeping ALL the time. We are waking him for his feedings. I am sure he would wake up eventually but this is how it has worked out. He is a very content baby and loves to be held on your chest. He has "found" his thumb but this early is inconsistent in finding it each time.
We had his first "well baby" Dr. visit today. He has gained one ounce and is at 6 pounds even. The Dr. thinks this is good. We quit supplementing two days ago as my milk came in. The Dr. suggested we use a pacifier as studies have shown reduced risk for SIDS. I wanted to avoid the pacifier..not sure why..just did. But, we are going to attempt it tonight. We will see how it goes. He just doesn't seem to need it....(note* did this tonight and added a pic) At the appt, Chase was very alert and happy. The Dr. commented on how unusual that was....see-a braggin' momma already!
We had a few visitors today including a former youth, went to two Dr offices, and a friend brought us dinner. Here are a few pics from today and the last couple of days. The one of me looking very tired was around midnight last night; the one of Chase holding his arms by his face is what we call his "OH MY" look. He typically does this when crying. It is so funny!
P.S. I brought the camera for his first visit and left the battery at home! I was so disappointed...oh well! There will be many more to come.


Anonymous said...

First, the bathroom looks great! Good job, Rachel! We're painting our kitchen the same color.
Second, you look tired but sooo happy! I'm glad your first week home is going so well :)
Third, as far as the pacifier, I am so glad we did them for our boys! They are great soothers, especially when you're in public and they are fussy. Plus, you can throw them away, whereas you can't cut off a thumb. And they are better for SIDS and orthodontically.

Mogilvy said...

Hey!! he's so stinkin cute... and you look FABULOUS. :) I agree with the paci thing. Hayden loves hers... and I fully intend on taking it away eventually. Much easier than removing a thumb, like Holly said! :) xo.

Tara Jin said...

You're the mom, so if you want to use a paci, go for it. People have their opinions on all sides, but, the decision is yours, mama! Chase is such a cutie; hard to believe it's been a week already!