Friday, September 05, 2008

Fun extra touches!

I have a few girls I used to go to church with that started a business called Loop De Lou. They have the cutest stuff! A friend of mine is ordering us birth announcements, a few diaper bag tags, and some address labels as a gift. I wanted to post a few pics. They are non essentials (if you are a Dave Ramsey fan) but a special "extra touch." You get to pick your own art work, borders, fonts, cute! Above is an example of a diaper tag that we will put on Baby Hume's diaper bag (for church nursery, etc) For the address labels, you get to pick custom people like the girls above....(of course, we will have the man, boy, and baby too-but I don't have those examples-trust me they are so cute!) For the birth announcement, you can use similar to above...the baby boy carriage! Check out their website if you get a chance


Anonymous said...

He (Brian or William?) will be 21 inches long, and will weigh 7 lb. and 8 oz. He will be born Friday, Sept. 12 at 2 p.m.

Aunt Mary

Marcie said...

This stuff is cute. Those girls must be awesome. :)