Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 4 juicing experiment

So today was day 4 of the juicing experiment. I know this doesnt look too appetizing but it really was decent. It was a head of organic romaine and about 20 organic baby carrots. I downed it before my 4 mile run this morning.  The glass wasnt full b/c I was in such a hurry as C slept in today:)

The run was extremely difficult. I think b/c it was my fourth run in the last five days. My legs hurt sooo bad and still do. Our run last night for my mini marathon training went really well. It was in the 20's but felt really nice out. It helped that the sun stayed out for most of our run. We did 4 miles last night as well.

Today, I came home and ate an early lunch (my banana cacao creation) It's so filling and the perfect amount of protein I need when I get really hungry. Today completes day 5 of being a poser raw foodist for the week. I've only had a few moments of craving hot food. I am not sure if I will continue it this weekend or how long I will keep it going. I enjoy doing it and it really wasnt much of a challenge. Maybe its what my body wants?  However,  I am pretty sure I will eat cooked food on Sunday as Brian and I are headed to Bone Fish to celebrate Valentine's Day! (bang bang shrimp here I come!)

So, is anyone out there planning on juicing anytime soon? I need a partner!


Anonymous said...

So I'm curious what the health benefits have been so far? Are you still eating meat?

indyhumes said...

No silly:)

I am not sure how my body has responded so far other than I have noticed an extra skip in my step, if you will. I think it would take several weeks. I just mainly tell myself to remember the benefits....I can post benefits from some research I have done if you are interested

McKinney Clan said...

Girl I would if I had a juicer! It is still on my wish list.

indyhumes said...

Do you have a birthday soon?:)