Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's talk Nutrition....

For breakast, I had one of these muffins: Almond butter, honey, banana, brown eggs and hemp seeds topped with raw cacao nibs. I also had organic, fair trade expresso coffee to go along with it
On my way to BSF, C fell asleep in the car. I was early so I went through Starbucks. I wanted Naked Juice and was quite disappointed to find that location didnt sell them. So, I had to get OJ. It was just pure squeezed orange juice without additives so that made me feel a little better. (not sure what's up with the pic)
For lunch, I had a brown rice tapioca tortilla filled with my banana/almond butter cacao creation
Homemade fresh organic kale chips made for the first time...they were oh so good!

 I decided to wash it down with 'Baby's first greens"
1 organic cucumber
1 organic pear
1 organic green apple
4 stalks organic kale
2 cups organic pineapple
My non raw dinner: organic free range, vegetarian fed bbq chicken (cooked in crock pot all day)
baked potato with low fat sour crem
organic spinach leaves with blueberries, bleu cheese, walnut halves, drizzled with olive oil

Tonight is Biggest Loser, so I am  finishing the day off with superfood ice cream as I watch it. (frozen banana, strawberry, raspberries, Kefir, coconut oil and raw cacao nibs) I made it up so we will see how it goes

Did I get adequate nutrition for someone who is training for a half marathon?  In fairness, I didnt run yesterday or today. I am taking a break to see if it helps my legs. I was itching to work out today but resisted. I read an interesting post on plant based foods and athletes today on http://www.choosingraw.com/ Check it out and let me know what you think. To me, my day looks well rounded. I had far enough fruit, volumes of  veggies, dashes of dairy, perfect amount of  protein (if not more), complete with complex carbohydrates. This is what most of my eating days look like. (minus the baked potato..thats a new addition)What do you think?


McKinney Clan said...

Yeah!!! I'm glad you liked the kale chips. We had them for supper last night and Haiden devoured them again. They are loaded with calcium and vitamins! Sorry I don't have a suggestion for your juice.

indyhumes said...

That's okay..I made a yummy one! You just missed it!