Thursday, February 25, 2010

Training Update

Don't these waffles look better than the previous two days?
Dont know why I didnt think to load them up with superfood goodness
Breakfast of Champions:
Trader Joe's gluten free waffles, topped with hemp seeds, raw organic cacao nibs and blueberries

I made this juice and drank it down while I fed C and baked my kale chips
6 stalks organic celery
A few organic kale leaves/one stalk
1 organic green apple
12 organic baby carrots
It was another hit..and totally made up!

and of course I had to put all that lovely pulp on my brown rice, tapioca wrap

And here is my lunch: A packed yummy wrap with the usual
Baked organic kale chips (I was thinking about how people say its too expensive to eat this way. My kale is the same price as a bag of chips)
and I decided to have some yummy fresh organic pineapple (my new fave fruit)

For snack, I had two spoonfuls of almond butter

Dont know why this saved sideways?
Veggie night
Organic spinach topped with pulp, onions and parmesan
Organic broccoli
Baked potato with onions, chives and sour cream
I was so full, I didnt eat a snack after my run! (which was amazing by the way...I owe it all to the veggies!)

Marathon training is tonight and I am excited to see how my run goes. I made sure this week that I have gotten the 6-7 veggies in a day that the nutritionist from last week suggested. I honestly believe I notice a big difference. My energy levels are up and most of my stomach pains are gone. I have limited myself to only two fruits. (the natural sugar is a little much I think from the juicing and smoothies) I drank my water this week and have surpassed what I need for the day. All this said, I hope to see a big difference tonight. I plan to stretch later and really get my muscles ready to go for a five mile run. I will post a pic later tonight as well as my lunch pics. How's your training?What's on your menu?

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