Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good times at Georgetown Market

Chase so happy to have a smoothie!
Abby, ( Ella, Mason, Haiden, myself and Chase (wish they were all looking this way)

This morning we visited Georgetwon Market ( to get supplies for a small group treat we are making tonight. While there, we had yummy banana, peach, organic apple juice and spirutein smoothies. Chase and I also had a cashew burger. It was a short trip but a success b/c we were able to get all of our ingredients for our larabars we are making tonight. Here is a sneak peek of the larabars. And of course you know I will be posting pics tomorrow! (if not tonight:)

homemade larabars (made of cashews, hemp seeds, vanilla, chia seeds, medjool dates) topped with banana, chia seeds, gogi berries, cacao nibs, and cashew butter

and last but not least, its juicing experiement day 2: 1 organic large cucumber and pear. It was very sweet!


Jennifer said...

love larabars!

indyhumes said...

awesome Jenn! I've never had them...tonight is my first night!

Lisa Chandler said...

I have been eating larabars since going GF. So very few ingredients that I wondered about making them myself. Can't wait to hear how it goes!

indyhumes said...

you should make them easy and so so good!

Sarah Forgrave said...

LOVE that picture of Chase...What a cute little man!

indyhumes said...

Thank you Sarah! He is adorable in that pic!