Monday, February 15, 2010

Training Update V

This was yesterday before the worst run ever! (see the new shoes? My feet and run were looked at by a professional and I was fitted for my first pair of real running shoes; good for running, bad on the budget)
This is my favorite juice so far....The Pink Lady (not to get confused with me as the pink lady in my all pink running gear:)
1 organic beet, 1 organic pear, 1-2 inches ginger, 2 cups cubed organic pineapple. These juices I must say give you as much energy as a triple expresso from Starbucks!

So yesterday's run was terrible. It was close to 5 miles but my legs were killing me from the jump. I was so discouraged that in a bad moment, I considered giving up. But, not to worry, I am not a quitter! I just wish I didnt have crappy runs every now and then. I looked at my food intake and what not, but honestly I  believe it is just that I am running too much. Although the training says to run  5 times a week, my body is saying "girl, you got me messed up!" So, I am going to take a few days off this week and let my aching legs rest. In the meantime, I will be sipping yummy juices and smoothies and of course posting about them. I will add a vitamin to my diet, make sure I drink all of my water and eat a balanced meal (this I think I was already doing however)

On another note, this is my new favorite dessert brought to me by Abby. It is so yummy and not only replaces my old favorite candy bar but is WAY better! Its truly soooo good and so easy.

How are you guys doing?


Emilie M. said...

do share about the chocolate peanut butter goodness in the picture. you've got me drooling over here.

indyhumes said...

Check out her blog and you will see how she made it. Its so easy!