Sunday, January 24, 2010

Game day food

I know you are probably sick of seeing my salads but they are oh so good! Organic spinach salad mix, strawberries, walnut halves and feta. We topped it off with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil

Finally some good carrot chips! We peeled them, put them in my friends food processor ( and fried them with canola oil in a turkey fryer..Success!

And this was our breakfast to feul up for game day! Coconut flour, eggs, vanilla, honey topped off with bananas

And Brian had strawberries for his topping

Go Colts!

Well, today was the playoffs and what better way to celebrate than with good food and friends! We went to Abby and Brian's house for a game day party and enjoyed some awesome SCD food. Brian loved the chicken wings and the turkey burgers with pepper jack cheese were so spicy and yummy! We also had squash fries with cheese, honey glazed pecans, homemade hummus, carrot and squash chips, celery and peppers and some almond flour cookies!  And to top it off, we just learned the Colts are going to the Super Bowl! So in honor of the good news, I just had  to share some game day food pics...

Did you watch the game?


Sarah Forgrave said...

Yummm! I have a similar salad recipe, only I use romaine instead of spinach...The strawberry/feta combination is one of my faves!

McKinney Clan said...

Your salad was so good! I made one today for lunch! We had such a good time on Sunday!