Friday, January 01, 2010

It's a New Year and a chance for a New YOU!

So, I am sitting at my laptop enjoying the aroma of my blackeyed peas cooking on the stove. I have been anticipating writing out my resolutions this year. I dont remember the last time I even had resolutions as I typically just set goals throughout the year. I tend to always have a challenge in front of me and that is how I function best. But, this year I was reminded of the only other list I have ever typed out. It was my "30 things to do before I am 30 list." It is a good feeling to know that I am checking things off of that list. ....even if they are a few years late! My hope is to refer back to this list throughout the year to make sure I am on still on track. Since we are creative, intelligent beings made up of spritual, emotional and physical needs, I wanted to be balanced and cover all of these areas. So, without futher ado, here is what made the top of my list!
1. Study God's word in depth; spend more time with Christ getting to know Him for who He really is. study and put into practice His principles and try to model my life after His

Plan: I joined BSF and begin classes in January. I have wanted to do BSF for over 4 years and the door has finally opened! A
Plan to set time aside to just be in God's presence and listen to how He reveals Himself to me
Study his principles and the ways he chose to walk in this world and do the same
2. Strengthen my bonds of marriage and with my children

Plan: Have more one on one dates with Brian; listen to my feelings and be intentional to communicate them
Spend one on one time with Tayler and Chase helping them to develop into who God created them to be; enroll Chase in KinderMusik; attend Tayler's sporting events
3. Focus on writing as a career

Plan: Submit my articles to Relevant and other magazine sources; work on my manuscript-writing at least one page a day
Continue meeting with my writing critique group on a monthly basis as well as weekly meetings with my "writing bestie"
Attend a workshop, study and learn this medium in which God wants to express himself through me
Of course, continue to write for CPCC on a part time basis
Continue with blog entries
4. Stop watching so much reality TV; this one is critical to number 3 being accomplished.
Plan: Find other ways to veg out; refer to number 5

5. Read more!

Plan: I joined a book club back in November. This will at least get me reading once a month but I hope to replace TV with books.
Have a weekly date to 1/2 Price Books, Barnes or the Library
6. Eliminate as many toxins as possible in my body

Plan: Shop organic as much as possible including fruits, veggies, meats
Cut out caffeine (or only once in a while)
Drink more water
Cut Diet Coke back out (I stopped for 10 months and recently started drinking it again)
Incorporate more raw foods into my diet and attempt to eliminate as many processed foods as possible
7. Run my first mini marathon!
Plan: Weekly training schedule of workouts and runs 3-5 times a week
Attend Mini Marathon training at church
Run the Polar Bear Run and other races to prepare for the Mini
8. Incorporate more diversity into my life

Plan: This may sound dramatic but I believe everyday I am not intentional about this, part of my soul dies.....So, spend time downtown by visiting friends, the zoo, parks, places to eat, etc I am definitely more of a city girl and dont get out of this small town enough!
I will be attending LaLaeche meetings in Indy...very excited about this!
Joining BSF will also be good for this as 170 churches are represented as well as every denomination.
9. Spend time doing things that help develop who I am and who God intended me to be (I have put most of my interests on the backburner for several years if not a decade; no one asked me to-I just did)
Plan: Visit Museums, coffee houses, eateries with live bands, etc.
I love history (especially that of ancient civilizations and havent been to a Museum in a very long time). I also love Art and havent been to a show since we lived in TN.
Number 8 and Number 9 will work together
10. Travel more

Plan: This is obviously limited to our budget. But I want to be intentional about putting any extra money aside to take a day trip to Chicago or other close by areas. I of course would also like to travel to other countries or just around the US in general.
So theres my top ten for 2010! What made your list?


Sarah Forgrave said...

Wow, that's a comprehensive list. I think it's a great idea how you've prioritized your writing focus. I'm feeling sort of split between articles and manuscripts, and I'm leaning in the opposite direction as you...Thinking I should take a short break from articles for a while.

indyhumes said...

I'm actually working on my book more than ever...but am getting serious about being published in magazines as well.

Anonymous said...

I confirm. So happens. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.