Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's in your fridge Wednesday?

Fruit counter: Organic apples, bananas, organges, onions and dehydrated apples with cinammon, organic, fair trade expresso whole bean coffee

top shelf: blueberries, strawberries, hummus, organic yogurts for Chase, and Naked Juice
second shelf: three cartons of brown eggs, feta cheese, five pd bag of organic carrots, gluten free brown rice tortillas
*in the drawer is bleu cheese, individual slices probiotic white cheddar cheese, organic salsa
third shelf: Tayler's milk, Kefir, waters (our filter needs to be replaced), organic spring mix and organic spinach (for smoothies)
bottom left shelf: organic spring mix salad, organic celery, fresh dill
bottom right shelf: two packages of Trader Joe's beef and Organic sirloin roast

The essentials: honey, coconut oil, pesto, baking soda, olive oil and coconut flour

Walnuts, Namaste gluten free, casein free and lots of other thingss free:)  pizza crust, raw organic cacao nibs, almond butter and flax seeds

 Okay, so we have to keep hump day excitng right? And what else is more exciting than pics of your frig?:) I have seen this posted on a few different blogs and thought I would do the same. So, if you are as lame as me, celebrate hump day by posting pics of your frig and perhaps your menu for the week! I love to take ideas and try them for our family...Some of the blogs I have gotten great ideas from are: and
I also look at SCD websites and gluten free recipes online.

Our menu:

Pancakes (made with coconut flour) and fruit
eggs and fruit
almond butter and banana nut muffins (with cacao nibs)


Leftovers from dinner
organic salads
organic free range turkey and probiotic cheese

Organic sirloin roast with organic broccoli and roasted carrots
Cocktail shrimp with organic salad (stawberries, feta, walnuts)
Hamburgers with bleu cheese and organic salad
Gluten free pizza (feta, pesto, roasted herb chicken, walnuts, spinach, onions) *and whatever else I decide to throw on there
Tacos (with gluten free tortillas)
Pizza again (it comes with two and we love pizza people!)
Organic herb roasted chicken and organic roasted veggies

Carrot chips
dehyrdrated apples
gluten free brown rice tortillas with banana slice and almond butter (yum!) see pic; its Chase's new fave

*will also have smoothies for bfast or lunch consisting of: organic spinach, blueberries, stawberries, frozen bananas, flax seed and kefir; I will definitely post pics

If you are interested in recipe's or price ranges/shopping organic on a budget, just leave a comment or email me. It really is so doable!


McKinney Clan said...

Looks great! You are doing awesome!

indyhumes said...

Thank you Abby!

bvdinindy said...

Let me know when you go grocery shopping...really. If you don't mind the company, I would love to tag along.

P.S. You are my first blog. Oh, and this is Beth Lintner.

Kristena said...

I just found your blog and I am enjoying all of the ideas. We just had our 4th baby(our other children are 18,14, and 10) I have lost a bunch of weight and want to start running and am trying to feed our family more raw foods. I'm just having trouble actually getting started and affording it.

Anonymous said...

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I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!