Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Training Update II/Update officially 123 for the last two days!

No, no..I didnt cut my hair, dye it black or start dressing like a man. It's just a picture of a random dude that describes how I feel. Exhausted.

So, its been another week already and I am weighing in b/t 124-126. I keep going up and down. If you've been following for a while (is anyone out there?:) then you know that I do this each time I hit a big milestone. I hang out around the weight going up and down, up and down, until finally staying at the lower number. Then, I repeat. I am so ready to be at my goal of 118 and maintain! But, really it is just a life long journey. I havent been dieting. Its all been learning and making lifestyle changes. Sometimes, its overwhelming...like when I am tired from going to bed at midnight and getting up at 5a.m. to do bootcamp. But, enough whining!

So, here is the training update. Last week, I went to an intense class (just like bootcamp) and ran the three days (one outdoor run at 19 degrees) This week, I plan on two days of bootcamp and three runs-with one outdoor run on Saturday. I am going to try and get 4-5 miles in at my runs but I am just not sure. I am in serious need of a new play list. Did I mention I am tired?:)

I am eagerly anticipating Mini Marathon training next week. Once that begins, I have to get in four runs in a week. I cant believe that it is time to train and that I am that much closer to running my first marathon. Wow.

Now, put down that doughnut and show me those results people!!

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Leslie said...

Wow! Great work, Karin! I'm tired just reading this! :)