Friday, January 22, 2010

Mini Training

Last night was the long awaited first night of Mini training. It went really well and was super informative. I received my training schedule and it is very intimidating. I have 5 runs a week  and one day of cross training. That leaves one day of rest. ONE. This is similar to what I was doing back in November before I was injured. But two days were cross training and only three runs. I am nervous about getting all those in. I really dont want to burn out but I also want to be prepared for my first marathon so that I can run and finish!

This was my yummy feul for my run. Organic spring mix salad with strawberries, feta and walnuts

And this was me before I left. It was 36 degrees, raining and very windy for the run. But, with my new gear, I stayed warm! My shoes were completely wet as well as my socks in the first few minutes of the run...Yuck! Of course I also wore a hat, my neck warmer and two layers of gloves. Overall, I stayed warm! (Like how I am refelecting there?)


McKinney Clan said...

Way to go Karin! I know you can do it.
P.S. Love the salad!

indyhumes said...

Thanks for the encouragement Abby!