Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Training Update I

I am so very excited to log the first training update for 2010!! I am weighing in at 126. I did a high intensity training class this morning and will run on the treadmill tonight (3-4 miles) I will also run Thursday night or Friday morning on the treadmill (hoping for 5) I am going to do an outdoor run on Sat or Sunday with my running group. I have my UA, some NB moisture wicking pants coming in the mail and Brian is picking up a neckwarmer from Dicks. I think that run will be about 6 if we can handle the temps. I think it is supposed to be 7 degrees. Although I ran in the snow last week, 7 degrees will definitely be a new experience. I am actually anticipating it though. Mini Marathon training begins on Jan 21st and I am very excited about that! I hope to continue with a few spinning classes here and there as well as Yoga. I begin Bootcamp next week...not looking forward to getting up so early! Those classes are  twice a week. I'd really like to work on my arms...I want to be cut (but not in a gross way) I am getting my weights out tonight so that I dont forget. I love using them-it makes me feel so strong!:)

 I will give an update next Monday. How are you doing? What are your training goals for 2010?

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amypfan said...

My training goal: get through birthing this baby, then think about it... LOL. Seriously, I'm very impressed with your dedication!