Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Training Update III

Okay, so its week 3 and the week has finally come that I have been blogging about for months! It's the offical Mini Marthon training! I am terrified and excited! I have been doing 3 runs  a week since September (for the most part) but this eek kicks off the 12 week training leading up to the event. Good times:)

Okay, so back to the update: I didnt do much last week. I ran one day, did bootcamp one day and did Yoga one day. I was a serious slacker:(

This week, I went to a bootcamp style class this morning (Insanity workout if you've heard of it-but we do it with breaks) My first run of the week will be Thursday night unless I make myself go tonight...which I am thinking I will.

I will do Yoga on Friday for sure again. I feel like my body is telling me to rest a little so I am only going to bootcamp once a week if at all.

On another note, I am really getting into Yoga again. It really gets you in tune with your body. I love that and feel like it is very important. Listen to your body. Oh and don't forget Biggest Loser comes on tonight!

How is your training going?

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Sarah Forgrave said...

Good luck with the start of official training! Looks like you'll have a warm (or, should I say warmer) week to kick it off.