Thursday, January 28, 2010

Training Update III

Love the reflector action and car seat box in the background? Oh yea!

So tonight was the second week of Mini training! It was awesome...and who says you cant run in 10 degree weather with a wind chill making it feel like its in the negatives? Shut yo mouth! We had a good run. It took me  a few miles to warm up and when my legs finally went numb, the run was basically over. We only did about 3.5. This week, I  ran 5 days totaling 18 miles and had one day of cross training/weights. I am following this specific training and logging all of my activity. It is demanding but I honestly feel great and just hope that I can keep it up! I still have to run Saturday (a four miler)

Its been fun getting healthy with friends and reconnecting with old ones.  As far as weight goes, I am still weighing in between 123-124. I am not really counting points as much since I am eating so healthy and working out. However, I try to stay aware most days.

How are you staying healthy this week? How are the weigh ins coming?


Sarah Forgrave said...

It has been cold this week! Props to you for sticking to your training. I think I'd chicken out and at least run inside. :-)

McKinney Clan said...

I've added chia seeds to my diet thanks to you!!!! I haven't weighed myself since Monday !but I'm hoping I've lost some. Keep up the good work with your training

indyhumes said...

Thanks Abby! Are you going to buy some when you go to Whole Foods next? You totally should. I also want to get some spirulina powder...and acia berries

Emilie M. said...

I love me some spirulina in my smoothies. It smells a little funky though. :)